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Sept. 21, 1928 - Feb. 13, 1982

Ferrell Eugene Griswold - a faithful minister of the Word, and pastor of small churches in Birmingham, Alabama for thirty-two years, passed from this world into the presence of the One whom he faithfully served on February 13, 1982.

Bro. Griswold was the son of Marvin and Una Griswold and was born in New Brockton, Alabama September 21, 1928. He was a graduate of Howard (now Samford University), Southeastern Bible College and Birmingham Southern, receiving his Master's degree from Grace Seminary in Albany, Georgia and his Doctor's degree from the University of Chicago.

Bro. Griswold was greatly in demand as both a lecturer and a preacher, preaching and lecturing in many areas of the United States, Spain, Mexico, France, Ireland, and also England. The impact of his God-given gifts are impressed upon us in the ministries of countless young men who have been influenced under his tutelage.

He was very outspoken in his views on Biblical Creationism and Reformed Theology as well as the Christian heritage of this nation. His patriotism and views on Constitutional Government were always evident in his Biblical, World and Life views.

In conclusion, we say to you who love the great Doctrines of Grace, the Sovereignty of our blessed Lord, that you give a listening ear to Bro. Griswold. We believe that you will sincerely appreciate and love his bold, uncompromising, and clear teachings of the whole counsel of God.



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