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I am nearly 73 years old. If I did not have some stability in Calvinistic teaching, I honestly believe I would be making claims of levitation like the Pentecostal. My soul soars into new dimensions as I listen to these tapes by Brother Griswold! There is nothing in this area that feeds men's souls. To hear Brother Griswold speak of Rolfe Barnard and others brings back pleasant memories.

These are the greatest tapes for teaching I believe I have ever heard. The historical and theological development of the subject discussed are amazing. I want my children and grandchildren to keep them for future generations. Enclosed is a small token for postage. Yours in Christ “ The Lord bless thee and keep thee!


Thank you!! The tapes are wonderful!! All my friends have seemed excited about receiving them also. You are so good to get them out so soon. I have decided that Ferrell Griswold has become my very own Pastor to teach me from the Word of God. He didn't know how many of us he would feed even after his death. Oh, thanks be unto God for supplying us with a man such as him. I rejoice! God bless you all! Enclosed is a small amount of money, considering the wealth these tapes have been to my heart and soul!!


Ian Murray of the Banner of Truth Trust recently gave us the name of an elderly gentleman, who is blind, and we have told him of your ministry. He would like to receive some tapes and I should be glad if you would send him the first 15 of Paul's Christology series. With Christian greetings.


We are most grateful for the group of tapes recorded by Bro. Ferrell Griswold, which were sent to us. We appreciate so much Pastor Cap Pooser submitting our name for being a recipient of these tapes! We have missed expository teaching of the Word since our retirement from California “ where we were members of Grace Community Church where John MacArthur was Pastor and, oh, how we have appreciated these tapes!! It is sad that most pastors in churches do not teach much beyond salvation. We would appreciate the catalog of these tapes so we can select more. We understand we can keep these tapes [we don't understand how this is possible]. However, we will share these messages with those of our friends who are willing to grow in the Lord and take time in the Word to do so through these tapes. We're very grateful that the Berean Tape Ministry has made this possible. We are convinced there are many, as Bro. Griswold said that, "If it were a criminal offense to be a Christian “ a court could not find evidence in many "so called Christians" to convict them!" We are living in serious days in America and we have been sad seeing this since our return from years on the mission field. We will be praying for your Ministry, Mr. Wood, and will greatly appreciate a catalog. We ask God to bless this ministry and you, sir, in your faithfulness to share the Word of God through one who "though in Glory, yet speaketh the truth of God". Thank you!!


I wish to express my deep appreciation for your tape ministry. The most recent tapes which you sent to me pertaining to the survey of the Bible have been most helpful, instructive and uplifting. Also, the references that are given in these tapes concerning resource books have been very excellent in supplementing my studies. When I go walking I listen to one of these tapes. When I lie down at night, or take a trip, I listen to these tapes. Thank you again for this wonderful ministry in which you are engaged. As a pastor, I am deeply indebted to both of you for your help.


Dearest Brethren, I believe and trust in our only Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, that you're all fine. Myself and all the brethren here we're very well. Greetings to you all in the loving name, Jesus Christ. I write to you again that I may acknowledge receipt of the 14 message tapes you sent me. I would like to take this time to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for your ministry, which I believe is a blessing to millions of souls all around the world. May Jehovah God richly bless this ministry and may the Lord also increase knowledge, wisdom as well as the anointing he has given to Bro. Ferrell Griswold as he teaches out to millions of souls. Brethren, I would appreciate much if you continue remembering me both in prayers and whenever you have latest messages. God bless you all!


We're thankful for your wonderful ministry that allows new generations of believers to hear the inspiring sermons of Ferrell Griswold. His lifetime service and devotion in the name of Jesus Christ has brought joy to our hearts and we pray that that can go on to generations to help many in years to come. We have learned so much from his teaching and his lifetime of work. We will order more in the future and hope that many people will be benefited like we have been. We'll pray for the prosperity of your work for the Lord.


I am a prisoner in the California Dept. of Corrections, doing a life sentence. I’ve been in prison since 1980. My name is .... and I’m 39 years old. I am writing concerning literature and audio cassettes to help me better understand scriptures that tend to baffle me at times- and leave me not knowing what the scriptures actually mean. I’m looking for any help you could give me if possible and I would be ever so grateful for any assistance you can give me.
Mr. Wood, Jr., thank you for your time and cooperation and may our precious Lord above keep a watchful eye over you and your love ones and keep all of you safe and from harms way at all times. Sincerely, your brother in Christ.


Dear Christian Friends, I must at once send word to say that your parcel of tapes has arrived safely, with “ like the Gospel itself “ “nothing to pay”! I have just sampled' the ministry by hearing the first of the series on the Creation vs Evolution issue. In anticipation of hearing more over the coming weeks, I must say how grateful I am; first, to the Lord, from whom all blessings flow; then, for your late dear pastor, who, “though dead, yet speaketh”; and then to your good selves for your Christian stewardship in making this ministry available. That the Lord will own His own Word, there is no doubt, and it is good to know that it is being made so widely available. May He enable and strengthen you in this service for His glory.

As a small gesture of appreciation, I have added your name to our regular mailing list for GOSPEL TIDINGS (four issues a year). I have also posted a copy of my book, AXMINSTER ECCLESIASTICA, the firsthand account of the work and suffering of a Puritan church in 17th century England. I will also, as soon as I am able, mail you a couple of cassettes of my own sermons. That seems to be a little `return' of fellowship in the Gospel. The Lord sustain and bless you in your labours.


Dearest Bro. Wood and all the staff at Berean ministry. I cannot begin to tell you how much I give God the praise for this wonderful spirit filled taped ministry. All the glory I give first to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for allowing this ministry to distribute those powerful messages preached in past years by this great man and servant of God, Bro. Ferrell E. Griswold. It was by God's great wisdom and providence these messages were recorded. I am unable to find the appropriate words to tell you how much I do thank you for sending me all these tapes. I have been edified, renewed, touched and illuminated by them. Thank you to all of you for your sacrifices and your hard work. Please be assured you have not labored in vain. May our Lord and Savior continue to richly bless this ministry. May this tape ministry reach other parts of the world without any compromises. The whole counsel of God needs to be heard where we can be cut to the heart and seek God's face, mercies and salvation. Our God shall supply the need of this ministry. The Word of God is priceless. The Lord Himself will open our hearts and we will support this ministry. His Spirit will lead us to give according to what we have. Dear Brethren, continue in faith to keep this ministry alive. Jehovah will provide!!! Many thanks and love to you all.


I'm a regular listener to Family Radio on WFRS in Smithtown Long Island. Probably my favorite broadcast is “Echoes” which is broadcast here 5 days a week, at 9:00p.m. Anytime I hear that tapes of the late Bro. Ferrell Griswold will be played I make sure to catch the broadcast. What a blessing to hear such a powerful preacher for the Lord! Recently, I heard a tape of Bro. Griswold's entitled ``The Sluggard's Farm". Could you send information on how I can obtain a copy? Sincerely yours.


Dear Bro. Wood, thank you very much for the excellent audio tapes of Bro. Griswold's messages and the printed materials included with them. They have been a wonderful blessing to me in furthering my understanding of the Doctrines of Grace. In answer to God's call to the ministry of His Word, I have been accepted at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and am occasionally privileged to preach in supply of local pulpits. I believe in the Doctrines of Grace and study the writings and sermons of the Puritans in the hope that I might someday preach God's Word in conformity to their pattern of the clear thought and expression of Bible truth resulting from the illumination of the Spirit and diligent study. Bro. Griswold's sermons are the finest example of the earnest and dedicated preaching of the whole counsel of God that I have ever heard. Thank you again for your faithful ministry and I pray that God will richly bless you in your service to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.



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