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How To Burn These Sermons to a CD

Not only may you freely copy and distribute these messages in a non-commercial form,
but we encourage you to do so!

To make it easy for you to copy these messages onto CD, every single message is provided in the easy-to-download, easy-to-convert MP3 format. If you are already familiar with creating, or "burning", CDs from an MP3, then you don't need this tutorial. But if you are not familiar with creating a CD from a downloaded audio file from the internet, then keep reading - we hope you will find these step-by-step instructions simple, and helpful.
(instructions assume the use of iTunes; if you would rather use Windows Media Player, see here)


    1. First, please note that for these instructions to work you must have a CD-burning drive (CD-R) installed on your computer
    2. Once you are certain you have a CD-R drive, download Apple iTunes at this link
    3. Install the program onto your computer
    4. Download the sermon(s) of your choice from this website to your computer. Be sure to take note of where the files are being downloaded! You will need to find them again in just a moment.
    5. Open iTunes
    6. At the top of the program, there is a "File" menu. Click that, then click "Add to Library..."
    7. In the window that appears, locate the sermon file(s) you just downloaded. Once you have found it, click the file and then click the "Import" button. (Note: If you have downloaded more than than 1 file, you can select them all to import at once by holding down the "Ctrl" key while you click on each file)
    8. Create a Playlist with the files/sermons you would like to burn -
      1. Click on the '+' button, , located in the lower left hand corner of the iTunes window to create a Playlist. A new item untitled playlist appears under the Source column
      2. Type in a name for your playlist
      3. You can now drag files from your main Library onto this Playlist
        Note: Keep in mind that a 650MB CD-R can fit about 74 minutes of audio, or about 20 MP3 sermons. Some discs allow 80 minutes, 700 MB, of audio/MP3s.
    9. Burn your CD -
      1. Create a playlist of the audio files that you wish to burn. Arrange the files in the exact order you would like them to be on the CD
      2. Under the "File" menu, choose Preferences
      3. In the window that pops up, click on the Advanced button and choose Burning
      4. Set the Disc Format - choose either MP3 CD or Audio CD (a computer or special CD player is required to play MP3 CD's)
      5. Click OK
      6. In the iTunes window, select the playlist you want to burn to the CD.Then click the Burn Disc button in the upper right hand corner

        You can only burn a CD from the songs in a playlist

        If a playlist contains more songs than will fit on the CD, iTunes will only burn as many songs as will fit on the disc. The size of the selected playlist is shown at the bottom of the iTunes window. You may need to create more than one playlist and burn each one to a CD
      7. Insert a blank CD-R disc and click Burn Disc again

        If you plan to play the CD on a consumer CD player, you need to use a blank CD-R disc, not a CD-RW disc

        It may take several minutes to write an audio CD. You can cancel the burn by clicking the X next to the progress bar, but since you can use CD-R discs only once, you won't be able to use the CD after canceling

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