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We've listed here a few messages that will serve, somewhat, as an introduction to Dr. Griswold and the way that he exercised his God-given gifts in expounding the great Doctrines of Grace - God's Holy Word. This list is, in a way, a jump start to what you will hear throughout the whole library, which is his uncompromised preaching of the exaltation of Christ, declaring Him as the King of kings and the Lord of lords, ever proclaiming His sovereignty, and, of course, His everlasting love for His bride - the church!

1. The Person & Work of Christ (485)
2. The Authority of Christ (571)
3. Bodily Sufferings of Christ (47)
4. Soul Sufferings of Christ (46)
5. Christ Died for the Ungodly (159)
6. Sins Blotted Out by God (452)
7. Peace to Those Who Love the Law (60)
8. Biblical Predestination #1 (58C)
9. Biblical Predestination #2 (58D)
10. God Will Not Ever Forsake His Saints (98)

11. Abrahamic Covenant, #1 (115A)
12. Abrahamic Covenant, #2 (115B)
13. Divine Sovereignty (58A)
14. Visitation of Son of Man (496)
15. They Who Know God (53)
16. Does Man Have a Free Will? (29Z7)
17. The Sure Victory of Christ (80Q)
18. The Potter & the Clay (135)
19. Going Astray Like Lost Sheep (76)
20. A Cure for Fear (105)


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