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"Commissioned to distribute the audio tape library of the late Ferrell E. Griswold"

Dear Brethren,
We want to express our appreciation to the  multitudes of you that have shown interest in and support of the work here at the Berean Tape Ministry. This is very encouraging to us as we labor to promote  the Lord's wonderful Gospel taught on these tapes by His servant, Ferrell E.  Griswold.

Most of you ask what it costs to purchase the  tapes. In answer to your question, we have stated below our policy on how we  operate this ministry.

From the very beginning of the Berean Tape Ministry, back in 1986, we have freely given the tapes to all that desired them. We never even asked for a donation. There was no need to because our Lord had provided us with the financial means to operate in this manner; As the Gospel is freely offered - the tapes were also freely offered. It is our heart's desire that we will never have to put a price on these tapes - but that we will always be able to offer them to you freely.

Since then, the Lord has opened many doors enabling us to dispense literally thousands of tapes going into thirty countries. He also allowed us to complete large projects providing tapes for several thousand young men studying for the ministry in seminary. These projects were very costly but we feel that they were well worth the effort. But,  it did take a toll on our financial reserves and there were also other factors that we had to face concerning the operation of the ministry. On April 1, 1995 the postal rates increased 70% and that was a big factor and still continues to be so. Also, the cost of equipment and supplies steadily increase. We would like for you to know that no one here receives a salary. All workers volunteer their services because of their love for our Lord and for you. Therefore, in  consideration of all these present circumstances we simply put it this way. If you feel that you have been or are now being benefited by this ministry, and the Lord should put it upon your heart to help us, we would be most grateful for your help in sending a contribution to assist us in the continuation of this work.


** Please limit your order to twelve tapes or less **
Also, we ask that you limit your orders to no more than once (1) per month **

To order, please send us an e-mail with your post office address and tape numbers. Our e-mail address is included on each tape index page as a hyperlink - so you can just click on it from there.

Any tape number that is underlined with a blue hyperlink is also available as a CD, and download as MP3. Please specify in your order whether you would like cassettes or CDs.


Dear Brethren,
We would like to point out to you that the tapes in our library contain the messages that Dr. Griswold preached in his own church and other churches as well. Sometimes the quality of the original recording was poor and it shows up in the tape. Remember that our tapes go back as far as the 1950's and the recording equipment was not as excellent as it is today. However, most all of them are very easy to listen to and we are so very grateful that our Lord has preserved every last one of them!! It is our prayer that the truth taught on these tapes will indeed prove to be a great blessing to your heart.



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